Purpose and History

Houston Area Service functions as a committee with a facilitator, recorder, treasurer, sub-committee chairs, and Group Service Representatives (GSR’s). They, as a body, represent the fellowship of NA in Houston, Texas.

Their purpose is to serve the Groups and the City as it relates to Narcotics Anonymous. They are not a governing body or a body which issues laws or directives. They operate as guided by the Groups and the 12 Traditions of Narcotics Anonymous.

The history of HASCONA begins in the early eighties when several efforts to form a committee were attempted. The year 1982 was when the first committee meeting was held and a schedule was printed. In the early days it was called “Greater Houston Area Service Committee”. The first schedule was printed listing 14 meetings which included listings in Alvin and Galveston. In the mid 80’s Galveston / Tri-County formed their own areas. During the late 1990’s the Northside Area was formed. Many of the original meetings were held in hospitals, recovery centers and treatment facilities. NA was small but growing in the early 80’s. Early members of these committees are still involved today at various levels of service around the city, state and other states.