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Q: Where are the Minutes of the Area Meetings?
A: November 1, 2016 .. We are recompiling our “Minutes Folder” … Check “Area Service” dropdown. The minutes will show up there when the feature is ready. Check with your GSR for current copies.

Q: How do I get a basic text to an Inmate?
A: Check with your GSR and RCM for details regarding “Literature in Prisons”. (Adopt an Inmate)

Q: Where do I get the Abobe Reader?
A: Click here  UNCHECK the Optional Software, just download the reader.

Q: Does the Houston Area have a Phone Line?
A: Yes, the Help Line phone number is on the right of each page. (help finding a meeting)

Q: What happened to the Basic Text Link?
A: The NA world website has taken down the basic text in PDF form.